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Joana Printing and Packaging is a New Dimention of Paper Product Industry In Bangladesh.

As a business enterprise, Joana Printing and Packaging is always looking for exceptional and creative things new this is compatible with the desires of the customers and searching in advance and understanding that we're living in a world of modifications and adjustments and this is the truth.

As a printing and packaging specialist, we offer Complete Integrated Printing and Packaging Solution.

joana paper cup in Bangladesh

Joana Paper Product Industry in Bangladesh

Joana is one of the best Paper Product Industry in Bangladesh especially in disposable paper cup. Its situated in Gazipur C-703/1 Baroboika, Gazipur Sadar. JPPI offered best disposable paper cup of various size (80ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml and 250ml). We are also offered customized disposable paper cup which accordion to customer requirement. We are made from renewable resources. The cups should be made from food grade paper which is hygienic in nature. It is capable for holding both hot & cold liquid for longer time. You can also avail the machine SG-90 which is a new automatic open-cam based machine that produces high quality paper cups. It has an excellent speed of manufacturing 90 cups within a minute.

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